About - Alexis Fish
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Growing up watching her grandmother sketch animals and geisha girls, Alexis has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember.


With a knack for merging the world of fairy tale with reality, Alexis’ material connects with audiences on a gut level. Intermeshing the surreal with the real, her latest installment consists of the deconstruction of fantasy placed inside silhouettes of animals and other subjects leaving the viewer with a familiar but altogether new appreciation for them.


A highly skilled artist working predominately with graphite, Alexis’ process starts with a fresh slice of paper and her whimsical sense of imagination. Finding inspiration from the nostalgia of Disney fairy tales and the dream-like art of Milan based artist Marco Mazzoni, she’s able to triumphantly meld the beauty of flora with iconic, recognizable figures.


As an artist, Alexis’ goal is to acquire as many technical skills as she can, honing in on precision and detail while exploring art as a more social and public endeavor. She currently lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband Ilya and ferociously mischievous cats Gatsby & Khaleesi.

Alexis Fish